Our Bathrooms to Love ceramic collection caters for contemporary & traditional styles.

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Bathrooms to Love Fitted Furniture by Moods 

The Valesso, Alba and Benita range are produced specifically to allow installation of various differing sizes/types of unit to be installed together in a line. The sides and top of the unit but do not perfectly match the unit fascia. The sides and top of the unit compliment in colour but does not perfectly match the unit fascia. 

Should your unit run meet a wall at either end, we can supply retro fit end panels which can be planted on to the sides of units should you wish to coordinate the unit side as it halts part way along a wall.

Similarly, we produce plinths which can be used as intended - for plinth or can be cut up and used as fillers to the sides of wall or base units, where walls are out of true. Please note that all Valesso, Alba and Benita fitted furniture base units require a worktop, plinth and end panel.