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The No 1 Gift this Christmas

  • 1 min read

Turn your bathroom into a sensual spa this Christmas 



What is a Wellness Bathing System?

In recent times the bathroom has become something of a sanctuary, leading designers to develop yet more innovative ways for us to enjoy our relaxation. A wide range of ultra-modern baths can be fitted with a “Wellness System”, featuring spa quality jet systems with mood lighting and Bluetooth speakers.

Why do I need a Wellness Bathing System?

Escape, indulge and relax! Wellness Bathing Systems allow you to indulge in a luxury experience without even leaving the house!

What are the benefits of a Wellness Bathing System?

They are packed with health benefits too as a Wellness system could help reduce the effects of stress, counteract tension, improve circulation and reduce the heart rate. It also helps remove toxins, cleanses and tones the skin, and relieves tired, aching muscles.

In addition to a luxury bath, enhancements for further comfort and even entertainment can be added such as TV’s, remote mood lighting, Bluetooth backlit mirrors featuring built-in demister and much more.


Is it time to give yourself a treat that you truly deserve? Once you’ve tried Wellness, you’ll never go back!


   Choose Decadence Double End Back To Wall 1700x800 0TH Bath & Chromatherapy System this Christmas.

£1,244.99 £2,025.00 You Save 38% (£780.01)