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Space age toilets - DO THEY EXIST?

  • 1 min read

Yes, they do! 

Space age toilets - surely the ultimate gadget? The technology initially designed for the disability sector has evolved into high spec toilets which are becoming ever popular across all markets.

They are available with many features, such as seat warming, automatic washing facility, drying facility and even remote control capabilities.

This type of product can also be adapted to some existing toilets in the form of a retrofit seat, which will require specialist electrical installation but we hear it is well worth it! Maybe one day we will see a high tech space age toilet in every household, but for now, we may have to settle for an adapted version.

What About Toilets that Light up? Can I Buy One?

Not at the moment, but you never know what is around the corner! However, you can buy toilet seats which are designed to provide a smaller, less bright light for during the night. They are typically switched on by clapping gently or speaking to them or even tapping them. 

Featuring the LED Toilet Seat with built-in battery powered LED light that is activated on sound! 

Space age toilet