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How to Choose a New Bathroom Basin

  • 3 min read


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Top tips for choosing a new basin

  • Measure the space where you want to position your basin.
  • Think about practical issues such as shaving and washing.
  • Is the basin deep enough?
  • Will water splash onto the floor?
  • Do you want a basin mounted on a full pedestal?
  • Do you want the basin to be wall mounted with a semi-pedestal attached below?
  • Do you want a wall mounted basin with no pedestal? (In which case you’ll need to think about using a chrome bottle trap – so it looks good.)
  • Do you want to fit the basin into a corner? (There are corner basins.)
  • Do you want to fit your basin into a narrow room? (Narrow wall mounted basins are available.)
  • Do you want your basin mounted on a base unit with handy storage space beneath?
  • Did you know that you can have a base unit type, wall mounted, to give the impression of more space?
  • You could also have a countertop basin fit into a worktop or unit accompanied by a tall basin mixer tap.

Choosing a basin for a small space

Smaller rooms can be problematic when trying to configure all the furniture you require. Therefore, many manufacturers have now introduced ranges of basins specifically for use in smaller space, such as cloakrooms or small WC rooms.


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Full or semi - pedestal basin?

The pedestal is the tall, thin column your basin sits on. They are available in many different shapes and sizes. However, there are two main types; Full-pedestal and Semi-pedestal. The full-pedestal is tall and reaches from the floor to the bottom of the basin, providing support directly from the floor. The main advantage of a full-pedestal is that the hot & cold pipes and the waste pipe can be hidden behind it giving a cleaner look.


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The semi-pedestal is shorter and hangs from the bottom of the basin. Its primary function is to cover unsightly pipes and waste. It also gives the impression of much more space. As the pedestal doesn’t reach the floor, the pipes and waste must be buried within the wall behind the tiles or wall covering to ensure a cleaner look.

A helpful tip: you could place your basin and pedestal on an outside wall then you can easily push the waste pipe directly out through it.


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Benefits of a wall hung basin?

A wall hung basin gives the impression of greater space in the room. It also makes the job of cleaning easier as there is no pedestal to get in the way. A wall hung basin can be hung at a much more convenient height for the user; giving greater flexibility to taller or shorter people.

His and her basins

This is a term given to basins where there are two fitted within the same bathroom. The basins are generally identical, although there is no reason why two different styles can’t be used, if that is what you desire. This arrangement would normally be seen in larger bathroom spaces. They are also often seen in luxury hotel rooms.


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