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How to Replace Bath Sealant

  • 2 min read

Plan ahead!

Take time to inspect your bathroom, plan and make a list of the materials and tools you will need to purchase.

  • Cleaning products – cloths, washing up liquid, non-abrasive bathroom cleaner or silicone remover liquid.
  • Good quality anti-fungicide and anti-bacterial bathroom silicone
  • Silicone gun
  • Stanley knife

How to remove bath sealant

After purchasing all the items on your list, remove the existing silicone completely. This will take time and patience. You will need to carefully cut away the existing silicone using the sharp Stanley knife. The remnants can be removed by carefully rubbing them away or by using the silicone remover liquid.

The cleaner the bath is the better your new silicone will look!

Bathroom tip: Remember to clean the entire bath, especially the area you are about to seal. Silicone doesn’t adhere to dust or dirt. Dry the bath thoroughly - silicone hates water. Once you are happy that the bath is clean and free of existing silicone, dust or dirt.

How to seal a bath

Bathroom tip: Choose the very best silicone you can afford. We recommend a good quality anti-fungicide and anti-bacterial silicone.

Take time to ensure the silicone is made for use in bathrooms. please follow the instructions supplied by the silicone manufacturer on how to apply the silicone with the silicone gun.

Q: What are the benefits of using a silicone gun?

A: The gun will give you better control of applying silicone – making for a neater job.

Top bathroom tip!

The bath should be approximately half filled with water and left overnight to allow the silicone to cure. This will ensure the silicone is not stretched once the bath is filled for use and ensures the silicone is tighter.